Stream is the new urban music festival staged in downtown Linz. The thematic focus is on digitization; the appropriate setting is Linz, UNESCO City of Media Arts.

The Stream Festival’s debut is set for May 31 – June 2, 2018.

In cooperation with our associates in the local indie scene, the City of Linz and the State of Upper Austria, we’re producing a diverse lineup of events: Stream Talk, Stream Stage, Stream Club.

Stream TALK, a series of workshops and talks with experts and artists, offers manifold opportunities for practical and theoretical encounters with the festival’s digitization theme.

The musical program subsumed under the title Stream STAGE reflects the wide-ranging aspects of digitization. But it doesn’t means electronic music only; so-called pre-digital genres will also make their presence felt during these three evenings on the big open-air stage set up beside the riverfront promenade along the north bank of the Danube in Linz-Urfahr.

Stream CLUB is electronic to the max. On Friday and Saturday nights, this gathering will morph into a club festival pervading the Stream grounds and flowing out into the city at large, as downtown Linz becomes a hotspot of club culture!

Admission to the entire Stream Festival is free of charge.


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